Biking is an incredible way for riders at different skill levels to enjoy the summer and winter together. Whether you’re here for extreme thrills, family fun or a solo, meandering exploration, True North Basecamp is perfectly situated close to numerous bike trails that are a perfect fit for you.

From backwoods dirt roads, to paved trails and mountain biking, we’re so close to the action that our campsite offers bike in and bike out facilities to all our adventurers. We’re a short ride from the Cuyuna Lakes Trail. The trail is cared for by a dedicated team and is constantly under development, being improved and preserved for generations to come.

With trails traversing the 5,000 acre state recreation area, you’re sure to find (and hopefully get a little lost) in the incredible landscape here. We are proud to be on route to 25 miles of world-class, IMBA certified mountain bike trails.

The Cuyuna Lakes Trail also offers a route on to the Mississippi River Trail – a nationally designated bikeway that’ll let you ride both off-road trails and roadways from Lake Itasca, all the way to New Orleans.


Quick Biking Checklist

Many of our guests are seasoned bikers, but some of you may be looking for some handy pointers. Here’s our checklist of things that every biker should keep in mind and try to remember before starting on their big adventure:

• As the scouts say – failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Grab a map long in advance and familiarize yourself with the trail. Make sure you have a strong grasp of the experience and skill level required to complete it.

• Carry your Cuyuna Lakes Trail map on you, in a waterproof zip-lock bag (if you’re not wearing waterproofs!)

• Keeping hydrated and energized is vital – carry water and high energy snacks.

• Always carry a tool and patch kit – you’ll thank us when you bust a tire on some sharp taconite.

• Leave no trace – whatever you take out in the wild, bring back with you.